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Please send your old photos
If you want to send pictures but you don't have a scanner or digital camera,  just take your pictures to any photo shop (Kinkos) and they will put them onto a floppy disk for a low fee.  You can then email the pictures to anyone you wish.  Email your photos to
I would also like to include your favorite memories (stories) on this side of the page.  Send your favorite stories to the above email address.      
I remember when....
Everyone used to gather in the Day room to watch The Bill Cosby Show, Star Search and Dance Fever.
Scott's lip swelled up to three times normal size for no reason at Bobby McGee's.
When Pete wouldn't talk or answer me in the day room for the first few weeks when he arrived at Mather--he just starred straight ahead--that was strange--he finally decided to stop messing with me, and we became good friends.  
When Al  was in the dayroom and out in the parking lot both at the same time!  (Al's twin was one of them, but I didn't know then that he had a twin!)