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recent pics1

Geoff & Maria Newman (front) Erin, Brian, Carrie (in back)

Wendy (Tisza Lord) Rice, Amber and Brett      Eric

Amber again

Brett again

Jim Huber at Dyess AFB

Greg (Scoop) Szupillo currently at Charlston AFB, SC--2000

Craig Stow-Letter carrier in Wa, ice-skating with daughter Shelby

whole family, Thanksgiving 2000-Craig Stow on left, Daughter Shelby in middle, and Wife Christy on far right

George and Jenny Smith

George Smith-Border Patrol Agent (and commercial pilot) in CA

George Smith again

Mike Cahill in the Desert in 1999

Mike Cahill -Grandforks AFB-and his girlfriend, Darlene in March 2001

Vern (Dino) Deinhardt at Tinker

Dino's wife Karen, son John, and daughter Natasha

Dino's son, John Deinhardt, and girlfriend, Alana, -- Prom night

"Class of 2001" (Brian Newman, John Deinhardt, & Samantha Tanaka