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We only get better with age....

Doug and Debbie Knehr

More of Doug Knehr (what a ham!-hasn't changed much huh!)

Jim Lord and his children, Amber and Brett

Wick and his son Collin

Collin again
Image Document
Jeff LaBrie in New York (1999)

Jeff LaBrie's son Troy (5) at Griffiss AFB,  NY

Jim Carroll (A&P mech)

Jim & Jeanette Carroll --now in Alabama-photo taken in Oregon

Jim and Robyn Leeper and family-Kadena AB

John Schulte-air traffic control at Oakland Int. (left) and his brother                             

 John's home in the SF Bay

Scott Larson-1988-Travis AFB        Scott and Jennifer's children   
                                                            Chris (9), Tanya (13) 1999

Scott Larson again
Visit Scott's personal website:

 Mike Steinmetz-postal worker in Sacramento-retiring soon

Tina (Worth) Gipson-- teacher

Tina's son Mike (11), husband Bill(A&P mech), and stepson Billy (18)

Roxie and Nikkie  (Tina's girls)